Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Get Real: Dr. Judith Steinberg

Thank heavens a pundit has written what so many of us have felt in our hearts since we first met her: Dr. Judith Steinberg is a woman we're proud of. Check out Nicole Pisopo Neal's column on Judy Dean.

I could only watch half of Diane Sawyer's cyanide-saccharine interview with the Deans. Yet even as Diane sneered and prodded, I could see in Judy Dean a woman to like and admire. And as my husband said, "Looks like Judy Dean would make good party fodder." And we could both see that Howard Dean is a confident, good husband who doesn't need to treat his wife as prop. I just wish the two of them would have been less apologetic about Dean's pep talk to the troops in Iowa and about their thoroughly modern marriage.

Yes, a rhododendron bush is a terrific birthday present. (Some of my favorite gifts include a gorgeous shovel, a tape measure, and a staple gun.)

Yes, it is good to nurture your family and your medical practice rather than spending fluff time on TV. Caring for your children, home, and patients is as big a contribution as working the campaign trail. And isn't "divide and conquer" the motto of so many modern marriages?

No, doctors don't work a five-day week. What professional does? Dr. Steinberg's patients no doubt get sick outside of office hours. And even with a great system of rotating on-call duty with other doctors, she must be doing some of the work that Howard would have been doing if he were not out trying to save the country.

We feminists fought for Dr. Steinberg's right to get a medical degree, to have her practice, and to choose to live her life in the way she thinks best. She and Howard have worked out an arrangement that seems to suit them and their family. Let's celebrate their lives as examples of the American work ethic and American freedom of choice.

Monday, January 19, 2004

Get Active: Dean Caucus Houseparty

What a great evening! Although we didn't get the Dean victory I'd hoped for in Iowa, several good things did happen:

1) Gephardt is out of the race. The King of Mud devoted all his resources to destroying Dean, but in the end brought down only himself.

2) Dean took the third spot in Iowa, when less than a year ago he was essentially unknown.

3) Best of all, I went to Sridhar and Solveig's Iowa Caucus houseparty with the local Deaniacs. What a smart, dedicated, and generous bunch they are. We've got the fire to keep fighting for Dean and the sense of humor and camradery to make it the most fun I can remember ever having in a group.

My good friend Jesse said that he had promised before the caucuses started tonight that he'd send Dean another $25 if he won and send $50 if he lost. That's the spirit! Let's take a deep breath and go back to work for Howard Dean!

Don't miss reading Zephyr on the Iowa caucus.

Sunday, January 18, 2004

Get Active: NC State Executive Committee Meeting

Blaise Strenn and a host of Dean supporters made a great showing at this meeting, attended by hundreds of Democratic party officers and activists from across the state. They had the table with the most literature, the only DVD running, and the most volunteers. Good work to get there early for a prime position!

Inside the meeting, Dean shirts and buttons were everywhere.

A proposal made by a Dean supporter to allow independents into the NC caucuses was soundly defeated. I spoke against the proposal. Dean supporters need to register as Democrats. Get off the fence!

The News & Observer reports that Jerry Meek, the wonderful 1st Vice Chair of the North Carolina Democratic Party, agrees that this will be good for Dean because of the strength of our grassroots organization.

Jerry is quoted as saying, "If unaffiliated voters really want to vote in county caucuses, he said, they have until April 9 to register as Democrats."

Get active! Go register as a Democrat! Get off the fence!

Sunday, January 11, 2004

Get Active: A Weekend of Petitioning

What a great weekend! Wore my big Dean button and my lovely Dean warm hat to the North Carolina Museum of Art. Several people commented on my DeanWear and were then enticed to sign the petition.

That night, went to an excellent house concert at Bett and Bill Padgett's. Cool John Ferguson had us all dancing while the amazingly energetic Betsy Kane got over a page of signatures. Betsy said, "It's easy it is to get signatures when people feel great. This is just like New Year's Eve!" Indeed, collecting signatures while dancing to "Mustang Sally" was a peak experience.

Then today I started walking my neighborhood with the brilliant pre-filled petition forms that John Hollingsworth has created for the Wake County Deaniacs. Each person only needs to sign -- the petition has the printed name, address, and date of birth already on it. John put them in street order, so they make a great walking list.

Thanks, Bett, Bill, Betsy, John ... and everyone else who did a little Dean work this weekend. Let's take our country back!

Saturday, January 03, 2004

Get Lucky: Beans and Greens for Howard Dean

One of the great holiday traditions in the South is our New Year's Day feast. It's an inexpensive and healthy one: coin-shaped beans for luck and green greens for wealth. Black-eyed peas, the featured legume in Hoppin' John, is given bean status for this event.

This year, we had an extra helping of black-eyed peas and kale for the Howard Dean campaign. Here's to you, Howard! We'll need all the luck and money we can get to defeat the
Bush machine and get you in the White House.

Happy New Year, Deaniacs! Let's work like crazy for Howard Dean!

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