Monday, November 24, 2003

Get Crazy: Money, Lives Lost in Pre-Emptive Attack on Iraq

The Deaniacs site now has links to sites tracking the deaths in Iraq, plus a counter showing the financial cost of war. Read our Get Crazy page and vow to work harder to get a Democrat in the White House.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Get Crazy: Molly Ivins Shows Some Spunk. So Does Dean.

Molly Ivins had a great column responding to the recent "Bush Hater" charges called Fear and Loathing in America. It's so well written that you can her righteous angry oration in your head. Near the end, she says:

We got no Osama, we got no Saddam, we got no weapons of mass destruction, the road map to peace in the Middle East is blown to hell, we're stuck in this country for $87 billion just for one year, and no one knows how long we'll be there. And still poor Krauthammer is hard-put to conceive how anyone could conclude that George W. Bush is a poor excuse for a president.

My husband said this about her column: "About time some liberal somewhere showed some guts in print. About time some liberal somewhere showed some anger over this lying, cheating, stealing administration."

"Oh, wait. That's Howard Dean..."

Get Active: See You in Charleston?

Deaniacs across the country are headed for the Dean Grassroots Organizing Summits November 20-23. I'm going down to Charleston SC for the Friday event with a carload from Raleigh NC. I can hardly wait to meet in person the people I've come to know online. And I'm looking forward to a road trip with Dean activists. Hope to see you there!

Saturday, November 08, 2003

Our Friend Lanya Signs the Declaration of Independence

Here's a great photo of Lanya Shapiro of Durham NC signing the Declaration of Independence from Special Interests. The tea is in the harbor!

Get Going: Dean Foregoes Matching Funds

Howard Dean will not take matching federal funds. This will save millions of tax dollars and allow us to raise as much money as we can to defeat George Bush. I voted in the majority on this. Hope that is the case in May and November next year too. Go Dean!

Good Sense: Column of Flag Controversy by Barry Saunders

Barry Saunders of Raleigh's "News & Observer" makes a lot of sense in his column today, Tripped up by the flag, but still in the race . He says, "If I were running for president, I, too, would want the voters Dean so clumsily identified. For one thing, considering my paycheck, those good ol' boys in their pickups probably have more in common with me than they do with wealthy bluebloods like George W. Bush, guys who, as the saying goes, were born on third base and think they hit a triple."

Saunders says later in his column, "No, Dean's comment told us nothing about his feelings on race, certainly nothing negative. It did show something, though. Messing with that darned flag -- just like cooking grits -- should be left to someone from the South."

I hope the Southern candidates remember that's true when they venture North as well. Only Dennis Kucinich should be talking kielbasa.

Friday, November 07, 2003

Get Active: Vote! Read Lanya Shapiro on BlogforAmerica

North Carolina's own Lanya Shapiro is the current lead thread on Dean's BlogforAmerica.com. Lanya is a firecracker of sizzling grassroots energy. I'm so glad she got a chance to go to Burlington to be part of this historic event.

What event, you ask? The vote by the Dean supporters to tell Howard Dean whether or not to take matching funds. Check out DeanforAmerica.com to either vote (if it's before midnight Friday EST) or to see the results (if it's after noon Saturday). In either case, read up on the issues. Here's what Deaniacs posted on the BlogforAmerica in response to Lanya's post:

Go, Lanya, go! We here in North Carolina are so delighted that you are up there in Vermont representing us.

You are right about the vote -- let's not hold back! We can't tie our own hands and let Bush have a period of weeks or months in which we can't afford to respond. This doesn't mean that we won't ALSO be doing every grassroots action possible. It just means that if we need TV, radio, or print media, we can get it. I want to contribute up to the $2,000 limit. Please don't make that illegal, folks!

The only problem with this magnificent DFA experiment in democracy is that there was not a pledge choice between $1,000 and $2,000. I chose the lesser so as not to overcommit, but for those of us who have given a few hundred already, a $1,500 option might have given an even more accurate view of the grassroots financial support for Dr. Dean.

I'm thrilled that my candidate is asking us what to do. Governor Dean will take back the White House and we will take back the Democratic Party and our country.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Get the Facts: Dean's Response to Confederate Flag Comments

Dean's attackers were slow and low this week at they misrepresented one of his many calls to bring Americans together. He'd originally made the remarks last winter at the DNC convention -- and received loud applause from the Democratic leaders there. Governor Dean said: "white folks in the South who drive pick-up trucks with Confederate flag decals on the back ought to be voting with us because their kids don't have health insurance either, and their kids need better schools too."

We say, "Go, Dean, go!" But several presidential candidates decided this week, months after Dean's original remarks, to portray Governor Dean as someone who will raise a Confederate flag over the White House. To that, we say, "you must be as thick as the poor white Republicans who vote for tax breaks for the rich and job losses for themselves."

Press Release from Dean for America

In response to Congressman Gephardt's and Senator Kerry's most recent attacks,
Governor Dean said:

"I want people with confederate flags on their trucks to put down those flags
and vote Democratic--because the need for quality healthcare, jobs, and a good
education knows no racial boundaries. We have working white families in the
south voting for tax cuts for the richest 1% while their children remain with
no health care. The dividing of working people by race has been a cornerstone
of Republican politics for the last three decades--starting with Richard Nixon.
For my fellow Democratic opponents to sink to this level is really tragic. The
only way we're going to beat George Bush is if southern white working families
and African American working families come together under the Democratic tent,
as they did under FDR.

"In his historic 'I have a dream speech,' Martin Luther King, Jr., said: 'I have
a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia the sons of former slaves and
the sons of former slaveowners will be able to sit down together at a table of
brotherhood.' I believe Dr. King's vision still represents the future of
America. And that is what our campaign is about."

See the DFA site for the complete press release.

Jesse Jackson Praises Dean

Another DFA press release quotes Congressman Jesse L. Jackson, Jr.,

“This year we celebrated the 40th anniversary of Dr. King’s famous speech in front of the Lincoln Memorial in 1963. Forty years later, Dr. Howard Dean is reminding us that the great task of uniting the northern black and white urban poor and working class, with the southern black and white rural poor and working class around common economic issues – good health care, high quality schools, and affordable housing – is
the key to wrestling our democracy away from the race-oriented Republican right-wing."

Saturday, November 01, 2003

Get Inspired: Jim Hightower Speaks at UNC

Jim Hightower filled the rotunda at the UNC Law School on Halloween with hope and humor. A standing-room only crowd, most dressed as political activists of various stripes, got a great big Texas dose of true patriotism.

Hightower, whose website calls him "America's #1 Populist," mixed zingers with tales of triumph and tragedy as we struggle to keep our country true to its American ideals. For a laugh that will get your blood boiling and move you to take action, check out his website. Or buy any of his books at your local independent bookstore.

The very first question from the crowd was "which presidential candidate do you support?" Hightower named Howard Dean and Dennis Kucinich as his top two choices, with a few kind words for Kerry and Gephardt. Over and over again through the Q&A, he cited Dean and Kucinich as candidates who are not afraid to be progressive Democrats.

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