Monday, June 30, 2003

Funny: Doonesbury Does Deaniacs

Looks like Mike Doonesbury's daughter is a wild and crazy Dean supporter. Deaniacs hopes that we won't have to "blow up the party and go down in flames." But if we do, we should rise like the Phoenix -- and take our country back.

Sunday, June 29, 2003

Wrath: Iraqi War "Over" but Casualties Continue

According to the Washington Post today, 201 Americans have died in Iraq since we invaded the country on March 20th. Of those deaths, 61 occurred after the war was declared to be over. The British troops have had 42 people killed. Although we don't know how many Iraqi soldiers have been killed, an Associated Press investigation completed earlier this month found that at least 3,240 civilians died throughout the country. In comparison, 3,061 people are thought to have been killed in the 9/11 attacks (the number of World Trade Center deaths continues to go down as various errors in the list are (joyfully) corrected.)

Today, the Washington Post reports that "U.S. forces launched a massive operation early Sunday to crush insurgents and capture senior figures from Saddam Hussein's ousted regime." Is the war over? Deaniacs thinks not.

Sources: U.S. Launches New Operation in Iraq, Washington Post, 6/29/03, WTC victim toll drops below 2,800, CNN website, 10/8/02, The 'great struggle': Consoling the living, CNN website, 9/12/02.

Pride: CIA Claims Trailers to be Mobile Labs, but DIA Analysts and State Department Disagree

Were the trailers found in Iraq mobile labs for used for making biological weapons? The CIA said yes. but the State Department says no. President Bush and Secretary of State Colin Powell say yes, but some Defense Intelligence Agency analysts say maybe not. The subplot is at least as interesting as the dispute about the trailers' purpose: why didn't the CIA follow the usual government process of checking with other agencies before making its report public?

Sources: Iraqi Mobile Biological Warfare Agent Production Plants, CIA website, 5/28/03 and Agency Disputes C.I.A. View of Trailers as Iraqi Weapons Labs, New York Times, 6/25/03.

Support: Dean Grassroots Movement Raises the Greenbacks

Howard Dean sent out an email today with the subject: "I want you to be the first to know." The message? "Our fundraising total for the second quarter has surged from 3.2 million dollars to 6 million dollars in just eight days." Over 21,000 people contributed to the campaign.

If you are on the brink of contributing, please contribute today or tomorrow. Consider it a vote for Dean in the required quarterly financial reports.

On the other hand, money is just a tool to get the word out. Whether or not you contribute financially, you can still make a huge difference by talking to people about Dean, putting a bumper sticker on your car, and volunteering for the campaign. Contact your local Dean organization to see how you can help us take our country back.

Friday, June 27, 2003

Joy: Howard Dean sweeps the MoveOn.com Primary

Results are in from the MoveOn.com online primary. Over 300,000 people voted online -- more than can vote in New Hampshire primary and the Iowa caucuses combined. Howard Dean won 44% of the vote when voters were asked to choose one candidate. An astounding 86% of the voters said they would suport him enthusiastically if he won the nomination. The next candidates weren't even close: Kucinich won 24% of the votes for a single candidate. 75% of the voters said they would be enthusiastic about Kerry if he won the nomination. Kucinich was third with 68%.

Deaniacs.org is whooping about Dean's win -- and is pleased by Kucinich's strong showing. The progressives had the strongest showing -- and our unity is strong as well. Nearly a third of the voters said they would support ANY Democratic candidate.

Thank you, MoveOn.com, for running this primary. If you have any extra money after donating to Dean at the close of this quarter (that's Monday), please open your wallet for MoveOn.com.

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Gluttony: GOP Plans "Assault on Electorate"

The Washington Post says that the Republicans, as directed by President Bush, have "set into motion a systematic and coordinated strategy" to ride the President's popularity to gain a Republican sweep during the 2004 elections. The Post continues, "under the direction of White House senior advisor Karl Rove, preparations are underway for a comprehensive assault on the electorate. The plan would use every political and governmental strategy available, such as maximizing the advantages of the war on terrorism, neutralizing a Democratic strength by adding a prescription drug benefit to Medicare, and waging an ideologically charged battle, if necessary, should a Supreme Court vacancy open up." Source: Republicans Strive for Dominance with '04 Race", Washington Post, 6/22/03

This is why Deaniacs must work like crazy to get good Democrats in every electable seat.

Avarice: NC State House Co-Speaker Richard Morgan sells access

For only $4K, you can buy access to the Republican head of the North Carolina State House. (He's the "Co-Speaker" because the house is split 50/50. There is also a Democratic co-speaker.) Source: Morgan Makes Money Pitch, News & Observer, 6/24/03.

Tuesday, June 10, 2003


Help me, America
I'm a Deaniac
We've got to take
our country back!

Howard Dean for President 2004!

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