Thursday, April 15, 2004

Action: Vote Dean on April 17 in NC Caucus

Here's a message from Blaise Strenn, NC Coordinator for Dean for America and a person I'm delighted to call a friend. Please read Blaise's message, spread the word, and vote Dean on Saturday. For caucus voting sites in Wake County, see the Wake Dems site at http://www.wakedems.org. For those in the rest of the state, see the Democracy4NC.org site.

Your Vote...Your Choice...Your Voice
There are rare moments in our skewed political process when you can vote your conscience and proudly mark your ballot for a candidate in whom you believe, as opposed to choosing between the lesser of two evils. It's even more exceptional when a principled vote is more than just a hollow protest vote - when it actually can have some impact.

You can make that principled and pragmatic vote this Saturday April 17, by voting for Howard Dean.

For most races, the NC primary has been postponed until June, but North Carolina Democrats will vote -- for the Presidential nominee only – on 4/17 between 8am and noon.

Kerry has the nomination. But Howard Dean and others are still on the ballot and you can vote for your vision of the Democratic Party. By voting for Dean, you help keep his ideas alive by sending progressive delegates to the national convention – delegates who will fight for a fiscally conservative progressive platform: equal rights for all, health care for all, investment in kids, environmental and labor protections, balanced budgets etc.

Dean is the alternative to "politics-as-usual." He's the only progressive candidate with leverage in the party on the national level. Dean delegates are the only progressive block large enough to influence the platform (Kucinich has only 1-2% of Kerry's numbers). Dean delegates from NC will add even more muscle. Because turnout will be low, we have a very good shot at winning delegates.

"... We want all our delegates to go to the convention as Dean Delegates. Even though I plan to endorse Sen. Kerry, because we can't fool around with this, and we need him to win, but we also need to stick together and look after each other and gradually grow and bring the set of ideas and principles that we put together in this campaign, bring that to the national Democratic Party, because they need to change too." -- Howard Dean, Seattle (3/18/04) launching Democracy For America.

Vote for Kerry in November. But right now, remember what motivated you to give your heart, soul and/or money to the Dean campaign, and bring it home with a solid vote for Dean this Saturday April 17th.

(read the rest of Blaise's letter at Deaniacs.org).

Monday, February 23, 2004

Pride: Edwards Claims Deaniacs Support. But We're Just Yellow Dogs.

A headline on the News & Observer website today says "Dean Supporters Launch Edwards' Website." But in its print edition, the headline is "Edwards gains Deaniacs' Support."

Not this Deaniac. I know of only one former Dean supporter who has joined Edwards' camp, and that was just after the matching-funds decision. I certainly haven't seen any evidence of the Edwards people wooing the Dean supporters, except by that one former Dean supporter.

Instead, we're Yellow Dogs. That is, we'd rather vote for a yellow dog than vote for a Republican.

Our candidate has withdrawn from the race for the nomination. So we'll work on party building and getting ready to get out the vote in November until the Democratic candidate is chosen. Then we'll work like crazy for the candidate ... whoever that is.

We must defeat George W. Bush. We must provide a majority of Democrats in government so that the Democratic president can begin to undo the vast harm of the Bush administration. But that doesn't mean we are backing away from the Dean platform and supporting a rival for the Democratic nomination at this time.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Get Active: Deaniacs Make a Difference

Great essay by Art Brodsky at TomPaine.com: No Nomination Needed.

It begins, "If the Democrats manage in November to knock off President Bush, let's make sure that the victory parties don't forget one pivotal figure who made it all possible—Howard Dean."

I'm pleased to have been one of the Deaniacs interviewed for this article.

Howard Dean says he's going to keep going. We are clearly making a difference. Let's work like crazy for Howard Dean!

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Get Active: Deaniacs Believe!

We hit a bit of a low point last Friday, when it looked like Dean would take the weekend off, despite primaries in Michigan and Maine. And that he might quit if he didn't win Wisconsin.

We asked ...demanded ... that Howard Dean work like crazy for Howard Dean. Just like the Deaniacs do.

We told Howard: we funded the bat; now swing it.

And he did. He went to Maine on Sunday. He promised to keep in the race no matter what happened in Wisconsin.

I learned tonight that North Carolinians will have a chance to vote for Howard Dean in our April 17th caucuses.

And at the Wake County working meeting tonight, I learned that the Dean supporters have not given up. We're working as hard as ever and smarter than ever to take our country back.

As Stephanie said while we walked to our cars, "People from the outside just won't believe how strong this movement is. It's bigger than we ever expected."

We WILL take our country back.

Thank you, Governor Dean, for listening to us. Thank you for continuing the campaign. Swing the bat for a home run!

Sunday, February 08, 2004

Getting Better: Dean Makes Good Showing on "Face the Nation"

Governor Dean did very well on "Face the Nation" this morning. He hammered home the point that 15% of Democratic voters cannot give Kerry a mandate.

Dean did not answer the question about whether he would quit after Wisconsin, but he did emphasize that he would do anything to beat Bush.

And ... I was delighted to see that he is in Maine today, where the primary is. Swing the bat, Howard!

Saturday, February 07, 2004

Get Active: We Funded the Bat, Governor Dean. Now Swing It!

Read the Deaniacs open letter to Howard Dean.

Get on the Ballot: NC for Dean Turns in 11,000+ Signatures

Our huge, all-volunteer effort to ensure Governor Howard Dean will be on the North Carolina ballot ended with a splash and a cheer yesterday. Since Dean will not be taking matching federal funds, we needed 10,000 signatures to get him on our state ballot. The petition was delivered yesterday to the State Board of Elections on a very rainy day. But that didn't dampen the spirits of the crowd.

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Get a Laugh: George W. Bush Action Figure

My friend Mark sent me this link, just when I really needed a good laugh. Enjoy Dishonest Dubya.

Of course, this is a laugh-so-you-don't-cry sort of laugh.

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